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Everything was back to normal, long HaoChen is still the Sacred Armor, and air and the eternal God of creation printed throne is completely disappeared.The right chest, percussion in his left breast, the Dragon HaoChen for a gift to all the Royal Knight Knight long guan.The clang rang neatly in the royal city which is the Knights Templar Long Guan, the first in the city all the Knights of his response. Not just the knights, but also the three gods in the air.From this moment start, long HaoChen has not only chairman of the new federal, God is also the Knights Templar unprecedented brilliant and leader of India knight. Six God India Knight roshe run about Daddy, I have succeeded. Long Haochen looked at Long Xingyu, and Long Xingyu looked at his eyes, some dull, eyes full of complex luster is pleased, there is excitement, there are many say, the mood in the unknown.

Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang completely for a reaction, two people also rushed to the long HaoChen side, one will he grabbed, high into the air to throw, but also their folded their God printed throne.However, long HaoChen is not matched with two good brothers celebrate, flash stature has returned to the them, low said something, Han Yu and Zhang Fangfang also mention three people to long Xingyu greeting after quickly toward the imperial Long Guan to fly to shoot and return.Long Xingyu did not understand what had happened to them with their return.Although concave God India Knight show time is not long, but they do bring the shock of Yu Long Guan or make the morale of the Knights Templar strong has a tremendous and unprecedented roshe run about Pick a son. A return to the front of the Dragon HaoChen partners, will call a unable to hold oneself back.

Pick off throw like rush he arms, tightly hug him, but could not say a word.Two people just had the most intimate relationship, the Dragon HaoChen disappeared is January years is how suffering for mining son heart ah! She kept herself strong, and was not a hope that the partners had a panic. After all, the Dragon HaoChen is not in, she was deputy head. But when her lover finally succeed and return, the repressed emotions can no longer control.The Dragon HaoChen hugged the son, gently stroking her hair, others are pretending not to see it all away.Back the Dragon HaoChen sink a track pat mining son: I'm sorry, guys, I accept the examination time is too long, let you worry about me. But, we are afraid that we will act at once. The moon has not suppress their own breakthrough. Has begun to impact on the bottleneck, we have to go in the past, otherwise it will be too roshe run about Originally they are immersed in the excitement and joy long HaoChen regression, listen to he say, face suddenly became serious. They had to follow the long HaoChen together, several times in the face of Haoyue that world of undead, very clear of the horrors of the undead export especially, every time the moon evolution, the strength of the enemy will become more powerful. There is even a bright VAILLANT completely interrupted after the evolutionary success, almost sapped.

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